Arabic Spelling Bee Winners 2015-16

Arabic Spelling Bee Winners 2015-16

Advanced High School

1st Place – Ibrahim Eksheir

2nd place – Faten Shaer

3rd Place – Sara Elsbbagh

 9-12th Grade:

1st Place – Qamar Mohamed

2nd Place – Humaira Kashamry

3rd Place- Jumanah Deeb

 3-8th grade:

1st Place Jana Obeid

2nd Place – Fayzaan Rafiq

3rd Place – Khansa Ahnana


1st Place – Youmna Salem

2nd Place- Najm Moran

3rd Place- Emira Jalal

 1st Grade:

1st Place – Ahmed Shibeika

2nd Place – Nadin Naji

3rd Place – Ameera Ait Alama

2nd Grade:

1st Place – Madeeha Parvez

2nd Place – Shadiya Mohamed

3rd Place-  Jawad Saymeh



Science Fair Winners 2016

Overall Winners:

  1. Muna Yusuf
  2. Mahmoud Banawan
  3. Zanib Kashmary, Qamar Mohamed & Aniqa Azam, & Zoyha Kashmary


Class Winners:

6th grade:

  1. Zanib Kashmary
  2. Saba Waheed (Honor)
  3. Nusayba Hashi

7th grade:

  1. Mahmoud Banawan
  2. Jana Obeid (Honor)
  3. Yusuf Yusuf & Ozair Ali

8th grade:

  1. Muna Yusuf
  2. Waqas Kashmary (Honor)
  3. Ikram Mohamud

9th grade:

  1. Qamar Mohamed & Aniqa Azam
  2. Humaira Kashmary
  3. Sofia Alama & Jumanah Deeb

10th grade:

  1. Ruweyda Hashi
  2. Ibrahim Eksheir
  3. Aisha Kashmary

11th grade:

  1. Zoyha Kashmary
  2. Homam Abdulrahman (Honor)
  3. Faten Shaer

Spelling Bee Winners 2015-16

  • 1st place: Aqsa Khan – Seventh grade
  • 2nd place: Sarah Abdelrahman – Fourth grade
  • 3rd place: Furqan Mohammed – Third grade

Aqsa Khan will represent Charlotte Islamic Academy on Wednesday, January 27 at Carmel Christian School at the Independent Schools District Spelling Bee. We ask Allah to make it a success. Congratulation to all the winners and participants.