How to Get Your Kids Excited for School After Summer Break

How to Get Your Kids Excited for School After Summer Break

It’s that time of year again – the kids are getting ready to return to school after the summer break. As a parent, you may be feeling a mix of emotions. On the one hand, you’re looking forward to your child’s K12 Islamic school educational and social developmental progress in the coming year. But on the other hand, you’re probably feeling a little sad that summer is coming to an end. 

Like all good things though, summer must come to an end, but don’t fret. We’re here to help make the “summer to back-to-school” transition a little easier for you and your child.

The Emotional Transition from Summer to School

Properly preparing your little Muslim scholar for the coming private Islamic school year is sure to aid them in having a successful and less stressful learning experience. Returning to school after the summer break can conjure up lots of emotions for children. These emotions can run the gambit from total elation and pure joy to anxiety and sadness. Though, children who are properly prepared for school before the end of summer break are more likely to feel excited and confident about the year ahead.

However, on the other hand, children who are not properly prepared to return to school after the summer break may struggle socially, emotionally, and academically. Without a smooth transition back into the school routine, kids may feel anxious and stressed, which can lead to difficulty concentrating and focusing in class. Additionally, unprepared students may fall behind their classmates academically and have trouble catching up.

Support For Parents At Our Islamic School In Charlotte

It’s important to avoid any potential roadblocks to your child’s success in school, so be sure to help them prepare for the transition back to academics and social interaction. With your guidance and support, they’re sure to have a great year! Not to mention, our community Islamic school in Charlotte is comprised of well-qualified teachers and staff who are also parents and are here to support you in the best possible way. 

Tips for Preparing Your Child for Back to School

So, how can you get your kids prepared for and excited about school after summer break? We’ve curated a few tips to help you get your child ready for the return to school:

🧕Talk to your child about their expectations and concerns

This is a great way to gauge how your child is feeling about going back to school. It also gives you an opportunity to address any concerns or fears they may have. Let them know what to expect in terms of academics and socializing. If they’re entering a new grade or school, give them a tour of the campus or classrooms so they feel comfortable and familiar with their surroundings.

📑Get them involved in planning

Ask your child what they would like to accomplish in the coming school year. These goals can be academic, religious (as it relates to Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies), or general personal goals. Help them brainstorm and come up with whatever makes the most sense to them. Maybe they want to get better grades, make new friends, win our annual Quran competition, or join a club. Encourage them to set their sights high and think about what they really want to achieve.

👍Create a positive mindset

Focus on the positive aspects of going back to school, such as seeing friends and learning new things. Help your child understand that the end of summer doesn’t have to be a negative experience. As a matter of fact, one of the best ways to get them excited and thinking positively is to have them make a list of the snacks that they’d like to take for lunch during the first week. This way they’re focusing on the aspects of school that relates to the most fun part of the school day, lunch and recess!

🤝Get involved in your child’s education

Show an interest in what your child will be learning this upcoming year. This will help get them excited about school and their studies. Your involvement is critical and will show them that you value their education and intellectual growth! Plus, it’ll be a great conversation starter when they come home from school each day.

🫂Encourage positive social interaction

Use Open House to help your child identify a few friends they would like to sit with during lunch or in class. This will help ease any anxiety they may have about socializing with their peers. It can be a fun activity for you and your child to do together. Plus, it’ll help your child feel more comfortable on the first day of school.

📚Help them get organized

Your child may benefit from being better organized with their brand new school wear and school supplies that they need for success at our community Islamic school. Help them to lay out their school uniform and shoes for the first week of school. Get their backpack ready and double-check that everything they need is in it, labeled with their name, and goes to the correct place.

😴 Retrain them to sleep at the same time each night

Use August to get back to the bedtime routine that they follow during the school year. If they need to wake up early for school, start gradually adjusting their sleep schedule a few weeks before the first day. Nightly showers, reading for thirty minutes, and lights out by 7:30 pm (no later than 9 pm) are a great way to ease back into a productive school year.

Let’s Make This The Best Islamic School Year Ever!

Parents have an important role to play in preparing their children for the school year. Keep in mind though that making sure your child is prepared doesn’t have to be a daunting task for you or the child. Simplifying the process is as easy as implementing some of our useful tips above.

A School Year Full Of Blessings

As the new Charlotte Islamic school year begins, let us resolve to make it the best one yet! This year…. 

  • Let us focus on developing in our children a relationship with Allah and a desire to accel academically.
  • Let us strive to encourage our children to be steadfast in prayer and make a commitment to practicing good adhab at school and at home.
  • Let us make an effort to serve our Muslim community and be patient with one another.

By working together (parents, students, staff, and teachers), we can make this a school year that is full of blessings. Allah is always with us, and with His help, we can achieve anything! Let us make this the best Islamic school year yet!