Our school feels that the following will be great resources to help develop and guide our students and assist with our parent communication. Thank you for your generosity!

Please contact the school if you would like to donate any of the items.

  • Automated Phone Calling System
  • Large Wall map (World), (Asia, Africa, Middle East, China, India)
  • Encyclopedia Set (current)
  • Typing program/games for computers
  • Upper Elementary/Middle school reading & writing games for computers
  • Class subscription of Time magazine for teens
  • Books  (Fictional novels, autobiographies, nonfiction, classics)
  • Board Games  (Scrabble, Upwards, Boggle, chess/checker, Uno, Phase 10, and Battleship)
  • Classroom subscription to BrainPop
  • Classroom subscription to National Geographic for kids magazine
  • Headphones and multi headphones jack
  • Book Cases
  • Construction papers all sizes and colors
  • Tempera paints gallon size all colors
  • Paint brushes& pots/pallets
  • Poster paint Art supplies
  • Eye wash station for Science Classroom