Students Acheivments 2012-2013

Students Acheivments 2012-2013

Winners of 2013 CI Academy Poetry Contest for Spirit Week

Theme:  “Love for your brother, what you love for yourself.”

 First Place Winner for Grade 3-4-5 ~ Nusayba Hashi, Fourth Grade 

I’m a mirror of my brother, 

I love him from everyone other,

I love him like a little mother,

He and I love each other like brothers and sisters,

I would defend him like no one other,

I could never hurt him like another,

I would help him if he need help,

I love my brother like my mother,

In dealing I am always fair,

To show him that I truly care,

I love my brother like no other.


  • First Place Winner for Grades 6-7-8 ~ Hashim Fadur, Sixth Grade 

Oh, my Muslim brothers and sisters

Let’s love each other

Let’s be kind to each other

Let’s help each other.

Oh, my Muslim brothers and sisters

Let’s play together

Let’s come together

Let’s pray together.

Oh, my Muslim brothers and sisters.


  • First Place Winner for Grades 9-12 ~ Yasmin Jaber, Twelfth Grade

You Call Yourself A Believer, a Muslim?

You say you pray five times a day

And fast the month of Ramadan?

You say you have dreams of going to Hajj

And feeding the poor?

You make people believe

But they don’t see who you really are.

You say you fear Allah

But you act like he is never there.

You say you love your Prophet (pbuh)

But you never hear the words.

Outside you are pure and a true believer

Inside you are sinful and full of hatred.

You say “Ma sha ‘Allah” for everything about your brothers

But you are secretly trying to give them the evil eye.

You expect the worst from others

And only the best for yourself.

Do you have no shame?

Have you never heard:

“None of you is a Believer until he loves

For his brother what he loves for himself.”

Listen to these words:

“What you hide in your heart is read in your eyes.”

Your brothers will know your true self

And then you will have nothing. 

President Awards Winners



Academic Excellence

  • Faizah Abdallah-Smith    
  • Abdulrahman Elkhouly    
  • Amro Shibeika
  • Sarah Abdelrahman
  • Sumayyah Elkhouly
  • Raneem Shalabi
  • Hind El-Byar
  • Sabrina Yalahow
  • Mahmoud Banawan
  • Eeman Hashi
  • Muna Yusuf
  • Muhammad Al-Taher
  • Guled Duale
  • Abdul-Ghani Obeid
  • Suad Mohamed
  • Hamad Kashmary
  • Nour Abufoul
  • Mohammad Deeb
  • Omar Abufoul
  • Adam Alama
  • Minna Banawan
  • Hamza Abushawriyeh
  • Ali Al-Zouabi
  • Abrar Naim

 Academic Achievement

  • Amaal Duale
  • Nuha Jones
  • Sara Adem
  • Nawal Jaafar
  • Ahmad Shabani
  • Mohammed Hossain
  • Rida Azam
  • Shahnaz Abul-Aziz
  • Mereb Ahmed
  • Jana Obeid
  • Yousef Abualeinain
  • Ikram Mohamed
  • Amela Karahasan
  • Aniqa Azam
  • Suhaib Abushar
  • Ibrahim Alasgah
  • Kawtar Naim
  • Nada Esmaeel
  • Mahmoud Badran


  • Salma Abdelrahman
  • Nasirah Robinson
  • Azlan Syed
  • Nasra Hashi
  • Joanna Zaghlol
  • Mahad Duale
  • Mustafa Mohamed
  • Muhammad Idlibi
  • Omar Idlibi
  • Aqsa Khan
  • Ali Kashmary
  • Razan AL-Zouabi
  • Aalaiah Cunningham
  • Zayd Aydin
  • Ruweyda Hashi
  • Rania Alhumaidi
  • Zoyha Kashmary
  • Omar Aboul-Houda
  • Aymen Kashmary
  • Welid Nurhussein
  • Maha AbdurRashid
  • Yasmin Abdel-Jaber
  • Lina Charles
  • Zam Zam Hashi


The winners at the Regional 6B Science Fair @ UNCC

  • Rania Alhumaidi – Special Awards-STEM Academy
  • Minna Banawan – Water Environmental Federation – (Stockholm Water Competition)
  • Omar Abufoul and Adam Alama – Engineering and Technology (2nd place)
  • Deema Albdoor – Biology B (2nd place) 


Science Fair Winners 2012-13 

1st Place winners

  • 2nd Place Winners
  • Zamzam Hashi 12th G – How Do You React
  • Yasmin Abdel-Jabber 11th G – Measuring Your Taste threshold
  • Ali al-Zouabi & Mahmoud Badran 10th G -Effect of Cold Temperature on Tastebuds
  • Omar aboufoul & Adam Alama 9th G – Building Design and Wind Velocity
  • Mahamed Yusuf & Mohammad Deeb 8th G – Which Liquid Removes it
  • Ibrahim Eksheir & Suhaib Abushar 7th G – Cloud in a Bottle
  • Abdulghani Obeid 6th G – Why Does a Waterstrider Float on Water
  • Humaira Kashmary 5th G – Boo Bubbles
  • Emaan hashi 4th G – which Shape Floats Best in Water
  • Sumayyah Elkhouly 2nd G – Super Strenght


3rd Place Winners

  • Faiza Sheikh 12th G – Do Hand Sanitizers and Soap to Kill Bacteria
  • Aidia Naim 11th G – How to Make a thermometer
  • Maha Abdur-Rashid & Nada Ismaeel 10th G – Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle
  • Sondous Eksheir & Aymen Kashmary 9th G – Craters of the Moon
  • Lena Hammad 8th G – Are you Thirsty
  • Deema Albdoor 7th G – Do Different Types of Music Affect the heart
  • Bashar Shabani 6th G – Rubberband and Electricity
  • Isaiah Morrison & Hashim Sabur 5th G – Newton’s Cradle
  • Ayet Syed 4th G Cleaning Power of Laundry Detergents
  • Ahmed shabani 2nd G – The Penny Plunge