Student’s Achievements 2019-2020

Student’s Achievements 2019-2020

IFEST Winners 2019-2020

Elementary (Grades 2-6)
1st place-Palestine
2nd place-Dubai
3rd place-Australia

Upper Grades (7-12)
1st place-Canada
2nd place-Egypt
3rd place-Jordan



Arabic Spelling Bee Winners 2019 -2020



1st place Affan khan

2nd place Amara Riaz

3rd place Zubair Khan


1st grade

1st place  Abdisamad Yalahow

2nd place  Yusra Osman

3rd place Nurh Jennah Robensin


2nd grade

1st place Ali Obeid

2nd place Zahra Abdulkhaliq

3rd place Maryam Khan


3rd -6th grade – Level I

1st place Yusuf Abdulkhaliq

2nd place Adam Makhmakh

3rd place Azan Muhammad


3rd-6th grade – Level II

1st place Izzdeen Saymeh & Sarah Elarfji

2nd place Haneen Saymeh

3rd place Ali Tahir


7th-12th grade – Level I

1st Place Nasra Hashi, Khansa Ahnana, Rama Ishnineh & Shamsa Yusuf

2nd Place Berina Music, Ayah Elarfji, Fatheia Eksheir & Nusayba Hashi

3rd Place Sama Hawari, Ahmed Ishnineh, Sabrina Yalahow


7th- 12th grade – Level II

1st Place Zanib Kashmary

2nd Place Niclette Kapinga

3rd Place Mohamed Yalahow



Science Fair winners 2019-2020

11th/12th grade
1st-Rama Ishnineh, Nour Hamam
2nd-Rayan Alborno
3rd- Mohamed Osman

10th grade
1st- Rida Azam
2nd- Zanib Kashmary
3rd- Natasha Mahamed
3rd- Nusayba Hashim

9th grade
1st-Laith Akardi
2nd-Berina Music
3rd-Eishaa Kashmary
3rd-Sama Hawari

8th grade
1st-Nasra Hashi
2nd- Anesa Hidzic
3rd- Wesley New, Mohamed Yalahow

7th grade
1st-Ahmed Ahmed & Hasan Mohamed
2nd-Faizah Abdallah & Ayah El Arfji
3rd- Ahmad Ishnineh, Mousa Muhammad

6th grade
1st- Razan Hashi & Iqra Kassim
2nd- Ananda New & Reham Mohammed
3rd- Nora Tyler

Congratulation to all the winners and participants.


 Spelling Bee Winners 2019-2020

1st place Sarah Elarfji
2nd place Ayah Elarfji
3rd place Abdelrahman Mohammad

Congratulation to all the winners and participants.


Students Acheivments 2008-2009


2009 Science Fair Regional Competition

Center for Mathematics, Science & Technology Education

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Senior Division  1st Place   Environmental Science   Ayana Shahid (9th)
  • Senior Division  2nd Place  Environmental Science   Manal Naim (9th)
  • Junior Division  2nd Place   Engineering                   Fizah Mahmood (6th)
  • Junior Division  3rd Place    Environmental Science  Nadia Alama (7th)
  • Elem. Division  2nd Place    Biology                          Samina Hussain (4th)
  • Elem. Division  3rd Place     Engineering                  Minna Banawan (4th)


Special Awards

  •  Hamza Butler (9th)  US Navy Award

“Does the molecular shape affect the durability of Carbon Nano Tubes?”

  •   Yusef A. Shahid (6th) UNC Raleigh Veterinary Science Award

“Can what owls eat be discovered through the dissection of their pellets?”


UNC Charlotte North Carolina Mathematics & Science Education

Network Pre-College Program Participants

  • Suhaib Al-Ganim (7th)                   
  • Mojahed Al-Ganim (10th)
  • Omar Larrousi (7th)                       
  • Manal Naim (9th)
  • Nadia Alama (7th)