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4th Grade Teacher AQeelah Miller
4th Grade Teacher

My name is AQeelah Miller!
I am the wife of a wonderful hard, working husband and the mother of an adventurous, WWE loving 9 year old son. Both keep me quite busy! I’m an only child, so I love to be with friends, but surprisingly I also love the peace that quietness brings. I’m a Marvel comics fan…I’ve seen EVERY movie! In addition to, I also enjoy traveling, cooking exotic dishes, and martial arts movies (FYI, not many people know that!)
I have always thought of myself to be a “people person” and thus I never meet a stranger. And lastly, I absolutely love that smiling is a charity from our Lord.
I am the teacher I am today because of great institutions of learning. I am a proud graduate of Johnson C. Smith University located right here in Charlotte. I began my studies in the Elementary Education department; however I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work and dual concentrations in Biology and Mathematics. Although Social Work is my background, teaching is my passion. Ironically, I am able to utilize social work skills and generalist practitioner theories in the classroom everyday. I have been an educator for over 13 years. I have taught grades 1-4, middle school sciences, and in composite classroom settings. I have also worked as a Literacy Coach for K-3. Teaching has taken me all around the world. My previous Islamic teaching experiences include Al-Huda School (College Park, MD) and IQRA Academy (St. Croix, US Virgin Islands).
Teachin Philoso h

I believe that the elementary school level is a crucial and important time in a child’s growth. Their educational foundation is being developed, along with their perception of school. How they see and view the world is being shaped. These years are so precious. My goal as a teacher is to give your child the tools for success in every possible way. I incorporate core subject-knowledge with Islamic beliefs to aid in giving my students the ultimate learning experience. Our deen is most perfect, and Islaam can be referenced in everything our children are learning – from Language Arts to NC History. I am a firm believer that every act we do for Allaah, swt is an ibaodah (what could be interpreted as worship) and every act should be done with ihsaan (what could be interpreted as excellence).