The Best Scholarship Voucher For Islamic School In NC

The Best Scholarship Voucher For Islamic School In NC

Partnering For School Choice & Affordability

We are proud to partner with North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship voucher program. This provides private school vouchers to most NC K12 students. Households with annual incomes of up to $212,090 are encouraged to apply using the information below. The program accepts applications throughout the year, and decisions are made on a rolling basis. 

Families must meet residency and income requirements to become scholarship voucher recipients. We accept Opportunity Scholarship vouchers because they allow children to attend our community school for free or at a drastically reduced rate. Our commitment to partnering with the program reflects our mission to provide affordable, quality education to all students.

Better Access To Islamic Schools In North Carolina

As a resident of North Carolina, with a household annual income of up to $212,090, you should know that the state offers grant and scholarship programs to expand school choices.  With more and more Muslim parents choosing tuition-based private Islamic schools, it’s no wonder that these programs have captured our community’s attention like never before.

The vouchers are a game changer for Muslim and NonMuslim parents who are looking to gain access to tuition-based schools that support the academic, social, moral, and spiritual development of their children. Furthermore, these vouchers give parents full control over where their child attends school no matter the school district in which they reside. 

Opportunity Scholarship For K-12th Grade

The Opportunity Scholarship program is one of the Congressional-supported programs offered to parents in North Carolina. The agency that manages the voucher system is  The North Carolina Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA). Established in 1972, NCSEAA is an independent government agency that works to promote school choice through tuition grants and other financial services programs. 

Does Your Family Qualify?

To qualify for this income-based tuition assistance program your family must meet the qualifications below. 

Max household AGI for the prior year

If your family is approved, the Opportunity Scholarship may be for the Full Voucher ($6,168) or Partial Voucher (90%) to cover the cost of tuition and fees.

For Full Award (Up to $6,186)

($$ = Annual Gross Income)

🔵2 Household Members – $33,874
🔵3 Household Members –  $42,606
🔵4 Household Members –  $51,338
🔵5 Household Members –  $60,070
🔵6 Household Members –  $68,802
🔵7 Household Members –  $77,534
🔵8 Household Members –  $86,266
🔵9 Household Members –  $94,998
🔵10 Household Members –  $103,730
🔵11 Household Members –  $112,462
🔵12 Household Members –  $121,194

For Partial Award (Up to 90%)

($$ = Annual Gross Income)

🔵2 Household Members –  $59,280
🔵3 Household Members –  $74,561
🔵4 Household Members –  $89,842
🔵5 Household Members –  $105,123
🔵6 Household Members –  $120,404
🔵7 Household Members –  $135,685
🔵8 Household Members –  $150,966
🔵9 Household Members –  $166,247
🔵10 Household Members –  $181,528
🔵11 Household Members –  $196,809
🔵12 Household Members –  $212,090

Have questions about income requirements? See Program Income Calculator

Other Requirements 

  • Your child(ren) will be at least 5 years old by August 31 or at least 4 by April 16. Eligibility for 4-Year-Olds
  • Your child(ren) has been approved to attend your chosen school by the private school administrator.
  • For 1st – 12th grade onlyYour child(ren) must have attended an NC public school or Department of Defense school during the Spring semester of the prior year as a full-time student before they can be approved for the Opportunity Scholarship. Learn More About  Prior Public School Exceptions and Requirements
  • Your child(ren) lives in North Carolina.
  • Your child(ren) has not graduated high school.
  • Your child(ren) has not enrolled in a post-secondary institution full-time.

How To Apply

Applications for the Opportunity scholarship are accepted on an annual rolling basis. The program typically accepts new and re-enrollment applications at, or around February 1st of each year. 

Steps to apply for the school choice voucher:

Step 1 – Review the 2022-2023 program requirements to better understand eligibility and to learn more about options for students with disabilities through the ESA+ program. 

Step 2 – Check the 2022-2023 Income Requirements

Step 3 – Identify and enroll your child(ren) in a participating school

Step 4 – Set up your MyPortal Account – Your MyPortal Account is the web application that you will use to complete and submit the application. To get help with navigating the MyPortal system see the MyPortal Guide for Parents. Tips for providing Income Verification documents.

Step 5 Upon approval, don’t forget to accept or decline your scholarship offer by the deadline in your MyPortal dashboard. The program may alert you by both email and/or text message of your approval/denial.

Open Enrollment Dates – Contact NCSEAA

Main Phone:

(919) 549-8614 or toll-free 1-855-330-3955 



Mailing Address:


P. O. Box 41349

Raleigh, NC 27629

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday,

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern

“Application Date” section of the agency’s website: SEE HERE

Additionally, you may find the “Opportunity Scholarship Checklist” to be helpful in gaining clarification on application deadlines and the application submission process

Charlotte Islamic Academy is here to help you gain access to high-quality Islamic school education in Charlotte NC. The resources we’ve provided here should be helpful for those parents who would like to learn more about the scholarship program. There are some questions our staff may be able to answer about the program, but we recommend that if anyone has more specific concerns or wants details on what they should do next then contacting the agency directly will lead you to the most up-to-date information about the program.