Winners for Arabic Spelling Bee – 2015

Winners for Arabic Spelling Bee – 2015
  • Congratulation to Aymen Kashamry as a winner of the 2015 Region 6 Science & Engineering Fair, and on advancing to the State NC Science & Engineering Fair on March 28, 2015.  Project: Dissolved Oxygen VS Temperature. Also won: the Intel Talent Seach award and the NC American Water Works Association award.

Winners for Arabic Spelling Bee – 2015


1st Place: Ahmed Shibeika

2nd Place: Mariyah Kaddoumi

3rd Place: Yusuf Syed


1st Grade

1st place: Madeeha Parvez

2nd place: Aroob Canales

3rd place: Jawad Saymeh


2nd Grade

1st place: Ayah El Arfji

2nd place: Abdulrahman Elkhouly

3rd place: Salma Abdelrahman


3rd– 5th Rage – Level 1

1st Place: Saba Waheed – 5th Grade

2nd place: aiysha Kamran – 3rd Grade

3rd place: Imani Cummins – 4th Grade


3rd – 5th Grade – Level 2

1st place: Sarah Abdelrahman – 3rd Grade

2nd place: Amro Shibeika – 3rd Grade

3rd place: Sabrina Yalahow – 5th Grade


6th – 12th Grade – Level 1

1st place: Ayet Syed – 6th Grade

2nd place: Fowsia Mahamed – 8th Grade

3rd place: Talha Khan – 7th Grade


6th – 12th Grade – Level 2

1st place: Jana Obeid – 6th Grade

2nd place: Jumana Deeb – 8th Grade

3rd place: Qamar Mohamed


Regional Science Fair at UNCC 2015

Aymen Kashamry is advancing to the State NC Science & Engineering Fair on March 28,2015

Project: Dissolved Oxygen VS Temperature: Also won:

1)     Intel Talent Seach award

2)     NC American Water Works Associaton award


8th Grade

  •  Qamar Mohamed and Aniqa Azam – Soak It Up! 
  • Sofia Alama and Jumanah Deeb – Spoiler Elert!

 9th Grade

  • Ibrahim Eksheir – Different Energy Producers
  • Sida Mohammad + Niemat Mubarak – Working Vitamins in Our Body

10th Grade

  •  Omair Ali – What Types of Emissions That Will Pass through an Active Carbon Filter 

11th Grade

  • Aymen Kashmary – Dissolved Oxygen VS Temperature
  • Sondous Eksheir – Dealing with Diabetes
  •  Kawtar Naim– Testing Kinetic and Potential Energy Molding a roller Coaster 


North Carolina Advocates For Justice High School Mock Trial Program February 7th, 2015

Participant Students:

  • Kaha Abdullahi
  • Nour Abufoul
  • Sundus Abushar
  • Ruweyda Hashi
  • Zoyha Kashamry
  • Niemat Mubarak
  • Mohammad Powell
  • Homam AbdulRahman

Teacher Coach: Sis. Maryam Abdul-Karim

Attorney Advisor: Mojahed Idlibby


Science Fair Winners 2014-2015

6th Grade
Honorable mention: Jana Obeid – Decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide
3rd place: Mereb Ahmed – The Effects of Temperature on Crystal Growth
2nd place: Ayah Idlibi – The Effect of Genetic Predisposition on the Chances of Developing an Autoimmune Disease
1st place: Daiyan Heard – Does Physical Activity Improve Cognitive Functioning?
1st place: Leyla Hassan – Is Sensitivity Heightened on Your Dominate Side?
7th Grade
4th place: Muna Yusuf – Which Whitener Brightens Your Teeth the Best?
4th place: Razan Al-Zouabi – Laundry Detergent
3rd place: Mohammed Alkahlout – How to Make Series and Parallel Circuits
2nd place: Sarah Shabani – Whiskers
1st place: Saad Waheed – Hydroelectricity
8th Grade
4th place: Humaira Kashmary – Fighting Flu
3rd place: Youssef Houissa – The Thing About Electromagnets.
2nd place: Qamar Mohamed and Aniqa Azam – Soak It Up!
2nd place: Abdul-Ghani Obeid – Where’s My Laser?
1st place: Sofia Alama and Jumanah Deeb – Spoiler Elert!
9th Grade
Honorable mention: Ibrahim Eksheir – Different Energy Producers
3rd place: Suhaib Abushar – Will it Light?
2nd place: Ruweyda Hashi – What They Didn’t Tell You About Microwaves
2nd place: Sida Mohammad + Niemat Mubarak – Working Vitamins in Our Body
1st place: Suad Mohamed – Strawberry Treatment Plan
10th Grade
Honorable mention: Nour Abufoul – Prosthetic Hand
3rd place: Belmin Okic – Electrolyte Challenge
3rd place: Zoyha Kashmary
2nd place: Sundus Abushar – Levels of Carbs in Milk
1st place: Omair Ali – What Types of Emissions That Will Pass Through An Active Carbon Filter
11th Grade
Honorable mention: Anisa Kassim – Alternative Energy Produced by a Saltwater Circuit
3rd place: Mohammad Al-Zouabi – Proving That Perpetual Motion is False
2nd place: Aymen Kashmary – Dissolved Oxygen vs Temperature
1st place: Sondous Eksheir – Dealing With Diabetes
12th Grade
Honorable mention: N/A
3rd place: Ali Al-Zouabi – Cultured Bacteria
2nd place: Maha Abdur-Rashid – Water Levels
1st place: Nada Esmaeel – Musical Plants

 Overall Winner:

Omair Ali – What Types of Emissions That Will Pass Through An Active Carbon Filter


Charlotte Islamic Academy Spelling Bee Winners for 2014-15!!!

First Place:  Liibaan Abshir – Eighth Grade
Second Place:  Aqsa Khan – Sixth Grade
Third Place:  Ayet Syed – Sixth Grade

  • Liibaan will represent Charlotte Islamic Academy on Thursday, January 29th at Covenant Day School at the Independent Schools District Spelling Bee.  May Allah grant him success.